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Razones para invertir en bienes raíces

Publicado Febrero 24 2021

Reasons to invest in real estate

You never stop imagining what kind of business you could start and be successful in. And it is that in times like today, where uncertainty threatens us, it is necessary to know what to invest your money in without suffering the consequences of a fragile market. It is for that reason that this time we are going to delve into the reasons to invest in real estate and why not, choose to buy an apartment in Miraflores, one of the most modern districts of Lima.

Why should you invest in real estate?

Before rushing to make a decision as important as investing your money in a business, you should know what benefits this item brings and why it is not a bad idea to invest in it.

  1. There is always demand: More and more the population grows and grows, and therefore, more houses are needed to rent or buy. It is a business that never ends, as there is always someone who wants to change residence.
  2. It is a profitable business: Real estate rental in Peru is one of the business options with the greatest potential, standing at 7% of the property’s value annually
  3. It is a long-term benefit: If you think of an alternative to earn income after your retirement, this is the most ideal, since it provides a monthly income without making large expenses.
  4. Knowledge for anyone: Compared to other investment items, in real estate one does not need to be an expert to invest, it only requires the use of elementary business criteria.
  5. Less volatile: it is one of the businesses less prone to short-term speculation.

That said, there is no doubt that real estate is not a science, so to speak, exclusively, for the few. Anyone can access it without extensive preparation. The benefit of this type of investment is that the property creates additional income with a rental, therefore you will always have constant income, far apart from the trade to which you dedicate yourself. For this, it is also crucial to know in which departments to invest, or which districts are the most valued. That is why it is recommended to choose to buy in districts such as Miraflores.

If you are not very sure, seek advice

Although it is an investment that does not require much preparation, that does not mean that the ideal is to have a specialist who can give you advice, since it is also advisable to know how the market works, although it is more important that it has greater emphasis on the specialization of your digital marketing. This is because this is the new trend in real estate brokers that combine digital strategies to reach a good deal for the commercialization of real estate.

Recommendations for investing in real estate:

  • Try to invest in real estate with profitability potential: I know that a property with an attractive design is a good option, but it is best to opt for a property located in a central area, since it has little chance of being left without someone living there.
  • Evaluate the location of the property: As mentioned previously, it is essential that you take into consideration the location of the place that is in your sights. The fact that the property is close to various services and has easy access adds extra points to its value.
  • Take into consideration future projections: A real estate has a value that depends mainly on security and the crime rate, apart from this, the value of the property tax, along with other factors, increases the value of the property.

If you consider that this entrepreneurial adventure is for you, do not hesitate to follow these tips, and take into account that buying apartments in valued districts such as Miraflores, among others, are a good offer to consider.

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Publicado Febrero 24 2021